Frequently asked questions


Where to stay?

Camping Polson KOA Rollins RV Big Arm State Park Lodging Rollins RV Polson KOA
Airbnb Swan Hill bnb Wild Horse Hideaway


Where are you located?

Our Boats are located at Dayton Yacht Harbor 43515 C st Dayton, MT 59814 406 207 2408 Our Main office is located at Captain Genevieve Evans Home office 2107 1st St E Polson, MT 59860 406 207 2408

Do I need to Bring....

Towel, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, gloves, jacket, non marking shoes, water snacks?

Yes Please do.


What is the cancelation policy?

You may cancel your course/ rental at any time subject to the following penalties:
Any cancellations more than 60 days prior to this agreement/ contract has been committed to 10% of the payment collected plus the cost of textbooks, logbook, and shipping, if shipped.
Between 60 and 30 days before your course: 50% of the total course fee collected plus the cost of textbooks, logbook, and shipping, if shipped.
Less than 30 days before your course: The total payment collected.
Cancellations must be notified to us in writing by post or email. The penalties will be calculated from the date we receive your cancellation.
We may need to cancel a course due to unforeseen circumstances or natural events outside the control of Sailing Adventure Vacations, LLC including but not limited to small craft advisories.
No refunds will be issued but an alternative date will be offered.

What if the weather is bad?

Weather happens. We will try to work with you; however, if weather conditions are the reason for postponement then an alternative date(s)/location(s) will be offered, where possible. An alternative date must be accepted within 1 year from the original date. We do not provide a refund where weather is the reason for postponement. Any reasonable increase in cost due to seasonal variations or change in sailing selection will be met by you.

We recommend travel insurance, in all cases, any interrupted or shortened charter, any service not used by Student/ guest/charter, for any reason, is not refundable. A number of companies provide travel insurance, including some credit card companies. We are not affiliated with any of them, but one option is available here.

What if I do not pass?

ASA certifications for each level of completion is a two-part assessment of skills and exam. All certifications are authorized by the Captain/ instructor who is instructing the class. Passing scores for the exam is 80/100 and skills is 100/100. You may always ask for more clarification on any skill or knowledge section and retake the assessment at during the class. If you are unable to complete each level of the assessment, you will not be certified for the next level. No refunds will be given for levels not completed, however if the uncompleted assessments are conducted during subsequent classes during a different time they will be granted without fees.

What if I have a complaint?

We sincerely hope you will not have a cause for complain. Should you have a complaint about any aspect of our course or service, please make it known to your Instructor at the time. Any complaint will be taken very seriously. If you are still dissatisfied, please let us know in writing on the Feedback Form that you will be given at the end of the course. We take the quality of our service seriously and will do what we can to remedy the situation. If you have something on your mind now, please call Captain Genevieve Evans +1 (406) 207-2408. Thanks!

How are payments processed?

50% will be required to reserve your booking.

a. payments can be made over the phone using a CC with our Paypal system. (not required to be a Paypal member)

b. Check by mail. (booking will be confirmed when check has been cleared.)

Final payments will be collected 60 days prior to departure date specified. Sailing Adventure Vacations, LLC will process the fee 30 days if credit card was used, prior to the confirmed start date, as specified in the paypal. If payment was made with bank transfer or check, and the final payment has not been made within 30 days, Cancellation policy will go into effect.

(406) 207-2408

By appointment only

Dayton Yacht Harbor

43545 C St

Dayton, MT 59914